JL Audio RD1000/1



  • Mono Subwoofer Amplifier
  • 1000 watts RMS x 1 at 2 ohms
  • Class D amplifier design with NextD switching amp technology


Saved my tail too many times to count

tphss wrote an interesting review; however, I have to say his three star review for the product is not a good description of this detector, and here's why:

(I'll negate his cons first, then I'll talk about the pluses of the detector)

1. While the display does show the speed for a few seconds when it first receives a signal, it makes a UNIQUE sound for each band that you'll encounter. You'll learn these sounds while driving, and the speed is very useful as it shows the exact speed you are going (the speed on my detector has been far more accurate than the actual speedometer - the speedometer is 3 MPH under what the car does)

2. He's right about the sounds, though I find this more useful than a display. When you receive an alert, it's best to be able to respond before getting distracted. In other words, when I hear an alert, I immediately slow and start scanning for cops on the road. (or other radar source)

3. Yes, I'll give him this, setting overspeed limit is annoying. Can't argue on that one.

4. I don't see how this is a con, but I could see how this could be troublesome for some.

5 & 6. Escort does give you updates for free for a trail time. I think that's really all you need, as the updates usually update false signals and cameras. Some people may consider this a deal breaker... I don't. Also, I feel bad to those who have Apple products (for getting ripped off, I kid)... But, you can easily install boot camp to the mac and install a copy of windows. This is not something that should be a deal breaker.

7. Yes, this is true too. The only thing you can do is turn down the volume so she doesn't yell so loud.