Specialty Vehicles

Specialty Vehicles

Specialty Vehicles


Water and hot sun make for a perfect day on the boat but the elements can be tough on some stereo systems. That's why there's water resistant, UV resistant, and waterproof stereo equipment made just for your boat. For our ocean bound boaters, marine stereo equipment is also made to protect against corrosion from those salty sea breezes.


Your motorcycle, ATV or other powersport toys have a lot in common with your boat as far as stereos are concerned: they all need protection from the elements and there is specialized durable gear made to last through all of your adventures. Whether you're on the open road, in the woods, or on the track you're about to sound a whole lot better.


A large vehicle usually means a long trip, so it's crucial to have a safe way to stay connected and entertained while on the road. Whether you have a motor home, big rig, trailer, or some combination of the three that you rigged up yourself we can install a perfect system for your vehicle.


Some things are best left to the pros like a whirlybird 720 or, getting a sound system installed. So we'll take it from here to get you a high quality soundtrack for your summer fun. Here is some of the gear we most often install for our powersport and marine customers:

● amplifiers
● subwoofers
● receivers
● GPS Navigation
● SiriusXM Satellite ...and more, just ask us!
Don't forget about your other vehicles. Install a sound system in your boat, motorcycle, RV or powersport vehicle with Sound Works today .
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